In-House Tooling

Fox Valley Stamping Company uses “in-house” metal stamping tools for the majority of its metal part manufacturing. We can complete your project with in-house tooling.  This enables us to significantly decrease the customer investment in tooling while maintaining consistent part quality.

In-house or soft tooling is a great choice for small to medium volume jobs. The advantages of using in-house tooling for forming, punching holes or other manufacturing operations along with FVSC fabrication capabilities are: 

  • Customer cost savings from minimal tooling investment
  • Quicker job turnaround time
  • Design change flexibility
  • Faster availability of parts for customer productionMade in America
  • Guarantee of our short run tooling throughout the duration of a job       
  • Repair or replacement of short run tooling as needed

Should hard tooling be required to meet the needs of a project, FVSC works closely with a reputable metal stamping tool and die shop near our South Elgin, Illinois facility to custom make the tools.

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